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How we started

A few years before it started, the Lord spoke to Apostles Puredi and Ruth that they would be involved with television, arts and entertainment media. So Apostle Ruth began speaking and declaring to everyone, especially in the church, that God was going to give them a Television Christian Reality Program seven days a week and that she was going to host it. She also prepared herself in fasting and prayer and by enrolling in an acting class for 3 months, and everything she learned she taught everyone at the church from the youngest to the oldest.


On July 21, 2009, Apostles Puredi and Ruth answered the call of God to give up their business/secular job, even though they had been pastoring full time, they were also working full time, especially Apostle Ruth who had 2 jobs. They have been living by faith ever since, and by the grace of God, He has always provided. It was a radical act of obedience by faith. As they passed that test, the Lord began to open up new doors, and at the beginning of March of 2011, the Lord told Pastor Geny and Apostle Ruth to go and enroll in a Violin Class in Los Angeles. Apostle Ruth told God, “I have no time to do it,” “It's too far, why can't we just enroll here in Rancho Cucamonga?,” “I have no money to enroll in the class,” and “I don't have a violin.” God supernaturally provided the money to enroll in the class and someone gave her a new violin. God told her, “If you pray in the spirit during your travel time, I will shorten it.” What normally would have been a drive of 1.5 - 2 hours one way, due to traffic, only took them 20 minutes when they prayed in the spirit. Apostle Ruth was able to pray for and minister to Marisol, the woman in charge of the violin class. Marisol was one of the programmers of Almavision, and she asked Apostle Ruth to be a guest on her show.


Apostle Ruth went to the TV station as a guest and the owner and his wife, Dr. Pastor Juan Bruno and Pastora Maria Antionetta Caamano, happened to be watching the live program. The Lord spoke to them directly to show favor to Apostles Puredi and Ruth. At the end of that program, Apostle Ruth told Marisol that the Holy Spirit told her to bring her husband Puredi in and introduce him. She said, “Without this man of God in my life, I would not be where I am today - a well balanced woman of God.” This confirmed even more in the hearts of the owners to show favor to Apostles Puredi and Ruth.


On March 28, 2011, the owner of Almavision met with Apostles Puredi and Ruth and offered them a television program time slot 7 days a week at a minimum fee. At first, he said, “If you are not ready for 7 days, you can start with one or two days a week, depending on you guys.” But Apostle Ruth insisted that God had prepared them and the whole church for years. Apostle Puredi was a little concerned about the timing of having a program, that the schedule was too full to have a 7 days a week TV program, and the financial aspect. Many other people also discouraged both of them from accepting the offer of 7 days a week, especially pastors, because they said Apostles Puredi and Ruth were full time Senior Apostles, they would not be able to provide the content, they would not have enough guests for 7 days a week, people might not like it (especially as they are not hispanics), it would be too much of a financial burden, and so forth and so on. But Apostle Ruth insisted that it was God's perfect timing, God had been preparing them and everyone in the church for it and had provided people who were bilingual and could be with them all the time. She added that God was going to prove it was His perfect will to start the TV program ASAP by sending them the monthly finances for the program from someone they did not know so they would know it had to be God. God did, and that same week, someone that they had never met before sent them a check that almost fully covered the expenses, and this person has continued to do so every month until now. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!


The name

The Lord gave the name La Realidad Cristiana - Muestrame La Prueba (The Christian Reality - Show Me The Proof) to Apostle Ruth and God confirmed it to Apostle Puredi. The Lord also told Apostle Ruth that the world wants to see a proof of what the real Christian life is.


The main team

The Team


God ordained this team from the very beginning. Apostle Puredi - half Japanese and half English/Welsh/Scott/Irish, Apostle Ruth - from the Philippines - whose mom spoke the Chavacano language (almost like Spanish), but she herself never learned to speak it because her mom never taught them, Pastor Geny - From Mexico and bilingual, Pastor Timothy - An Anglo (Guerito) who grew up in a Conservative Mennonite Family in Indiana and learned to speak spanish in high school and by living with, working with and ministering to hispanics.


Even though Apostles Puredi and Ruth didn't speak spanish, this did not deter them from accepting the offer for 7 days a week programming on a hispanic network because the Lord told them, "I already gave you the resources, especially the people who love God so much and love the ministry, who are bilingual, flexible, available and teachable. "


God has continued adding to the team. Pastor Richie and Sister Tandra are regulars on the show - in front of the camera, and behind the scenes. Aside from the fact that the whole Shiloh church has been involved from the very beginning. From babysitting the children of Pastor Geny, to bringing food after we finish filming, to cleaning our house, to praying, fasting and being involved with the actual TV segments - everyone has a part they have played - and everyone is needed - from the youngest to the oldest. We work as a team and as a body. Only by the grace of God we have come this far.