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Who We Are

A few years before it started, the Lord spoke to Apostles Puredi and Ruth that they would be involved with television, arts and entertainment media. Apostle Ruth began speaking and declaring to everyone, especially in the church, that God was going to give them a Television Christian Reality Program seven days a week and that she was going to host it.
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  • The Seven Mountains

    The Seven Mountains

    The Lord told us that He wants to use us to impact the seven mountains of society which are RELIGION, FAMILY, EDUCATION, GOVERNMENT, MEDIA, ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT and BUSINESS. Read more

  • Evidence Balance

    Evidence Balance

    The Lord showed Apostle Ruth that the plumbline (standard) is the Word of God and we are measured on the scale of God by it (the Word). There must be a tangible evidence in your life that you belong to Jesus (fruit of the Spirit). Read more

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